Constitutionally our Board consists of a Chair, and not more than 33 other members.

Once elected at the AGM it is the Board’s duty to elect its Honorary Officers and the Executive which consists of the Chair, Honorary Officers and 4 other board members, making a total of 9 Executive members. The Executive is also the remuneration committee.

Currently we have 28 board members who are also Trustees:

  • Jackie Alexander (Chairman)
  • John Abramson
  • John Alexander
  • Joe Brookes
  • Adam Buchler
  • Carol Cohen (Executive)
  • Deborah Cohen
  • Simon Cohen
  • Keith Conway
  • Simon Cutner
  • Adam Davis (Executive)
  • Joe Hacker
  • Pat Hirschovits
  • Michael Horowitz
  • Adam Hurst (Honorary Assistant Treasurer and Executive)
  • Oliver Jerome
  • Freddy Lehmann
  • Adam Nathan
  • Annette Nathan (Honorary Secretary and Executive)
  • Marion Nathan
  • Rob Nothman (Honorary Assistant Secretary and Executive)
  • Sarah Percival
  • David Pollins
  • Richard Pollins
  • Jimmy Strauss (Honorary Treasurer and Executive)
  • Dilys Tausz
  • Justyn Trenner (Executive)
  • Nick Viner (Executive)
  • Claire Walford