Communal Meals

Festival Lunches – Open to senior members of the community who want to socialise and feel part of the community, luncheons are planned and linked to the festivals up to four times a year. Transport is organised for those people who are not independent. Carers are welcome.

Local Lunch Group – A chance to meet up with your neighbours! Our monthly lunch group meets in NW3.

Communal Seder – Bring your family or come and meet others at our annual second night communal seder. Non-members welcome.

Hospitality – Join members of the community in their homes for a welcoming Shabbat or Festival meal. Our members are happy to host you!

Led by our Community Care Coordinator, Eve Hersov, Belsize Square Synagogue assists our members through a variety of methods. Eve works in partnership with our ministers, volunteers and outside agencies to support those in need. Eve Hersov can be contacted by phone on 020 7435 7129 or