Belsize Square Synagogue  (BSS) Cheder takes place every Sunday morning during term time from 9:30am to 12:30pm and is open to children aged between 5 and 15 years old.

Jewish Studies and Liturgy are an integral part of the learning process whilst we also ensure that children learn to read Hebrew in preparation for their Bar or Bat Mitzvah at 13 years old.  We believe our Cheder should also provide pupils with an opportunity to experience Judaism, socialise with Jewish friends and become familiar with the ethos of the Belsize Community.

Head of Cheder and Youth, Caroline Loison – a qualified teacher for over 17 years – has been a life-long member of the Community, having attended the Cheder herself before going on to teach there too.

Message from our Head of Cheder and Youth, Caroline Loison:

“Appreciating the uniqueness of Belsize Square and understanding its background and traditions puts me in a particularly good position to recognise what our members and their families are looking for.  Our aim is to create “A Community Cheder, For the Community, By the Community” whilst fostering an atmosphere that is conducive with both learning and having fun.  We have a strong focus on Hebrew reading to ensure our students are ready to learn their Bar or Bat Mitzvah portions as well as raising both awareness and understanding of the Chagim (Festivals) and our Jewish History and Culture.  Educating the next generation has always been my passion and I can think of nothing better than being Head Teacher of BSS Cheder and promoting the education of the children at my own Synagogue with a view to enriching their Jewish lives for the better.”

6 Candles decorated by Cheder classes for Yom HaShoah day

In addition to our Cheder classes, we supplement our programme with trips with Jewish content around London. We also invite outside speakers to visit and talk to our children about a wide variety of topics and projects as well as sharing their experiences.  Chagim are celebrated together as a Cheder and we hope that these special moments will create lasting memories for our pupils.

Children also have the opportunity to join our Youth Choir, which plays a pivotal role in our Community, taking part in Synagogue services and performing at outside functions.

Cheder is open to members and non-members. 

For more information please contact Caroline on 020 7794 3949 or email her on

“The best thing about BSS Cheder is that we get to learn Hebrew and do fun activities. My favourite club is Yoga club. I also like learning about Kashrut. It is important to me.” Sonny, 8 years old