Social Action

Tikkun Olam is at the very core of our faith. The Synagogue initiates and oversees activities that promote social action and cohesion both within our own community and across the wider community.

Our activities include:

  • Organising programmes on pre-designated Shabbatot including (but not exclusively):
    • Mental Health Awareness
    • Inclusion Shabbat
    • Pride Shabbat
  • Developing relationships with chosen charities to work with them by volunteering and promoting their aims
  • Supporting partnerships with other local faith groups and events to promote interfaith understanding and friendship
  • Ensuring that all activities within Belsize Square are physically accessible to everyone
  • Contributing to active programmes such as supporting refugees and participating in Eco Synagogue
  • Inputting to the work of other well-established committees and programmes including Mitzvah Day, the Sunday Adult Education Group, the Education Committee, the Re’ut Committee, and the Membership Committee.

Most of these activities are coordinated through the Synagogue’s Social Action Committee. If you wish to join the Committee, have any ideas, and/or would like to be a volunteer, please contact the Synagogue office.