The Synagogue has an established group of volunteers who are able to give some of their time to make an ongoing link with our members. This is either by phone, text or email and with the main aim of keeping in touch with people who want to stay connected with Belsize Square Synagogue.

For those members who are part of our Senior membership the volunteers note if there are any changes either in their health or other ways that they are experiencing their lives. When this is the case we have a system to report back to Eve Hersov our Community Care Coordinator.

We are ALWAYS looking for more people who are able and willing to make an ongoing commitment to do this work. Currently as a result of Covid 19 we are fortunate to have a large number of members who have been able to call our whole community and we look forward to being able to keep as many of these volunteers as possible post the virus.


There is no necessity to have had experience in this way of communicating, just a desire to keep in touch with members as well as to speak to and care for people in our community where needed. Any experience in working in a social/mental health background is also very welcome.

Keeping a close connection to our wider community allows us to be able to understand further the needs of our members and at the same time be aware of what it is we can offer. We do not provide any social services or counselling, but we can offer the ability and experience of listening to people who may need to speak to someone safely.

For further information, either to join our group of volunteers or to request a call, please contact the Synagogue Office.