When someone near to us dies, it is often a highly emotional period.  It is also the case that the mourners may be called upon to make practical decisions.

For Jews, considerable help is available in the form of a traditional framework which can assist the bereaved through the process.  Judaism teaches us that death has its allotted place in the cycle of life and encourages us to focus on our behaviour in this world.  Whatever their level of observance at other times, some people find comfort in observing all the procedures and practices that have become established and laid out in strict order by traditional Jews.  Others prefer to select on a personal basis of what is meaningful to them and their families and friends.  Whatever your choices at this difficult time, Belsize Square Synagogue aims to be there to help you with the practical and the spiritual aspects of dealing with death.

The Belsize Square Synagogue Guide for the Bereaved gives both the dying and the mourners useful advice during a difficult period.  It gives guidance regarding the decisions that need to be made and how to choose what is meaningful for you and your family.

The Guide sets out what the next-of-kin need to do immediately following a death and practical help on how to deal with the necessary formalities.  It also outlines the religious ceremonies and customs associated with bereavement, how the bereaved can find meaning through Jewish tradition and where Belsize Square Synagogue can help.  In addition, the Guide describes, for the first time in one document, how the Burial and Cremation Scheme operates.  There is a detailed question and answer section, which we hope will answer many queries.

Contact the synagogue office who can post a copy out to you.

Important contact numbers at a time of bereavement:


What you need to know when a death occurs
Outline of the Burial and Cremation Scheme
Text of the Kaddish
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