Unique, fascinating, inspiring, Belsize Square is an independent synagogue – neither orthodox, reform nor liberal – occupying its own place in British Jewry. Traditional yet modern, our story is still unfolding after more than 80 remarkable years. To get a flavour of who we are, have a browse.Mastodon

Rabbi’s Message

Rabbi Gabriel Botnick reinterprets a surprising Rabbinical teaching As I sit down to write this piece, my desk is flooded with the sunlight that took far too long to arrive..

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Latest News

The Board of Deputies Jewish Manifesto for 2024

  The Board of Deputies Jewish Manifesto for 2024 has just been launched and can be viewed at: https://bod.org.uk/the-jewish-manifesto-2024/ Its 32 pages outline a wide range of issues for politicians..

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Passover details

See here for our guide to Passover preparation and celebration. Chag Pesach Sameach to all!

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