Unique, fascinating, inspiring, Belsize Square is an independent synagogue – neither orthodox, reform nor liberal – occupying its own place in British Jewry. Traditional yet modern, our story is still unfolding after more than 80 remarkable years. To get a flavour of who we are, have a browse.Mastodon

Rabbi’s Message

Rabbi Gabriel Botnick focuses on a Jewish leap year When I was a child, I wondered what it would be like to be born on 29 February. I figured it..

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Latest News

New Megillah for Purim

We were delighted to read from our new Megillat Esther this Purim, written by a female scribe, Soferet Linda Coppleson. Unusually, it shows vowels and cantillation marks, to be accessible..

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High Holidays 2023

  Dates and Service Times: Rosh Hashanah: 1st evening – Friday 15 September, 6.45pm 1st day – Saturday 16 September, 9.30am 2nd evening – Saturday 16 September, 6.45pm 2nd day..

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