The Synagogue maintains records of the anniversary of the passing of both members as well as any relatives who members wish to remember each year.

Reminders are sent to families shortly before the Hebrew date anniversary explaining the timing for kindling the Yahrzeit candle.

In commemoration of the Yahrzeit it is particularly appropriate to attend Synagogue Services on Shabbat.

The names of those whose Yahrzeit falls each week are recorded on our Memorial Board and are included in our Shabbat Service. All those who wish to give public expression to their mourning are also invited by the Rabbi to approach the Bimah for for the Memorial Prayer and the recitation of names prior to the final Kaddish.

Please contact the Synagogue Office for further details or of there are any omissions or corrections required to the Synagogue’s records.

Should any members wish to make a donation in memory of their loved ones please click here.