Services at Belsize Square Synagogue reflect our continental heritage through both the prayer book and the melodies. Services are conducted mainly in Hebrew but men and women sit together and both may be called to the Torah reading.

From the beginning, our Services have been based on the German Einheitsgebetbuch (Unified Prayer Book) first published in 1929 and jointly edited by Rabbis I Elbogen (Berlin), C Seligmann (Frankfurt-on-Main) and H Vogelstein (Breslau). The synagogue’s prayer book is the beneficiary of that tradition. Similarly, Belsize Square’s music is based on that used on the continent and composed during the nineteenth century, mainly by Louis Lewandowski (Berlin) and, to a lesser extent, Salomon Sulzer (Vienna).

Friday Evening Services start at 6.45 pm.
Saturday Morning Services commence at 10 am.

Kikar Kids Services start at 11 am on the first Saturday of the month.