Help and activities – useful links

Our response to covid-19

During this unprecedented time Belsize Square Synagogue is continuing to maintain activities and support the community as much as we can.

We are continuing to communicate with you all via email, post and through our regular News From The Square and Our Congregation publications as well as regular updates on our website. This web page sets out a current summary of how we are operating in all aspects of Synagogue life.

As from 19 March 2021 our services are again open to congregants at 6:45 pm on Friday evenings and 10:00 am on Saturdays. All services are also livestreamed through BelsizeLIVE.

Staying in touch and providing assistance for those requiring shopping, prescriptions

The most important thing we can be doing at this time as a community is ensuring that we are all looking out for each other. We have been on hand to offer help and/or signpost members to where they can get the help they need. This has included shopping, collecting medication, assistance in accessing BelsizeLIVE, and other IT support. And of course, just chatting. Please contact Adam ( if you wish to volunteer or you need assistance.

During these very difficult times, we want to ensure that none of our members are without social contact, particularly those who are self-isolating, sick or without close family. With this in mind, we have put in place a phone tree so that we can speak to our members at regular intervals. During lockdown, more than 70 members have volunteered to call other members to stay in touch and be a friendly voice. Please contact Adam ( if you wish to volunteer or would like to receive calls. 

To support our volunteers, we have held virtual cuppas on Zoom where people can chat and discuss anything arising from being a volunteer, and plan to continue these while we cannot meet physically.


Below is a reminder of the various changes we have made since the government lifted restrictions:

  • There is no requirement to book for Shabbat Services – please just turn up!
  • Seating is not assigned
  • Mask wearing is mandatory – we will have spares available if you forget to bring with you
  • The regular synagogue chairs have returned, however there is additional space between the rows
  • For those who wish to distance further, there are seats available in bubbles both downstairs and in the choir loft
  • Entrance and exit are through the main synagogue automatic glass doors
  • There are no temperature checks on arrival
  • The Service itself has returned to the usual format, the only exception being there is no Torah procession

Our regular services at 6:45 pm on Fridays and 10:00 am on Saturdays are broadcast online on BelsizeLIVE, for those not attending in person. Any members who need assistance in accessing these events on their computer should call the synagogue on 020 7794 3949 where we can explain how to do so over the phone.  A copy of our prayer book is available online for any members who do not have one but wish to follow along.

Kikar Kids is also running. Reminders are sent by the Synagogue office as usual and please contact email for more information

Lifecycle Events

For guidelines on funerals, stone settings, or just to find out more information about our burial scheme – please contact Lee Taylor (

Edgwarebury Cemetery is back open. Funerals and stone settings continue with a limited attendance of 60 people until further notice. For full information check the cemetery website (

Social events 

We are continuing to hold as many events as possible that can be run virtually. So please keep your eye on the Synagogue home page for events that will continue to be held, such as our regular Sunday morning Adult Discussion Group (see below).

Adult Discussion Group

Our popular Sunday morning discussion group is being held virtually. Please contact the Synagogue office for details of how to connect.

Synagogue meetings 

All Synagogue Board, Executive and committee meetings are continuing as planned, virtually via Zoom. Login details will be circulated by the office prior to each meeting.

Outside organisations

We have gradually been building up a list of websites and links to self-help groups, charities, etc from which members can seek help. This list can be added to by sending the information to But please note that being listed does not imply that your organisation is recommended or endorsed by Belsize Square! Click here for the list of useful links and resources.

Synagogue Office

Lee and the team are back in the office and canbe contacted by email or phone.

We wish everyone well during this time and are looking forward to seeing you all in person as soon as we are able.