Duplicate books available

Paper backs

Paul Yogi Mayer: Jews of the Olympic Games 2004
Marc B. Shapiro: The Limits of the Orthodox Theology (Maimonides’ Thirteen Principles reappraised 2004)
The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Jewish Spirituality and Mysticism 2002


Hayim Naham Bialik & Ichashis Hana Ravinsky The Book of Legends 1952 Sefer ha-Aggadah (First complete English Translation 1902)
Bezalel Narkiss: Hebrew Illuminated Manuscripts 1992
My People in the World 2008: Russia 1913-1940; Europe & America 1013-1960; Russia 1950-2000
Dan Bahai: Touching the Stones of our Heritage 2002
A Day in the Life of Israel 1994 Photographed by more than 600 of the world best photographers on a single day
Kenneth Neben Zahl: Maps of the Bible Land. Images of Terra Sancta through two Millenia
The Jewish World of Yesterday 1860-1938 Edited by Rachel Salamander. Texts and Photographs from Central Europe 1991
Nicholas De Lange: Atlas of the Jewish World 1984
Julius H. Schoeps: Theodor Herzl & and the Zionist Dream 1997