Lecture and Discussions

Torah Lishmah — learning Torah for its own sake — is still the foundation of Jewish life.  Educational excellence is the mark of a synagogue that sets itself apart from others, and is a chief priority for Belsize Square Synagogue, for adults as well as children. 

Led by our Rabbi, who holds a doctorate in Jewish history as well as rabbinic ordination from the Jewish Theological Seminary, Belsize Square Synagogue has weekly Sunday morning classes and guest speakers at our Adult Discussion Group.  During the past year, we have studied the Psalms, Talmud and Islam from a Jewish perspective.  Future plans include the Zohar. Besides the Sunday morning track, we have an evening programme each spring, including classes in Modern Jewish History and the Movements of Judaism (Reform, Orthodox and Masorti/Conservative Judaism). 

Our portfolio is expanded by guest speakers with timely presentations on politics and religion, and classes to be taught by the Cantor on Torah chanting and synagogue skills.  All of our congregants are invited to attend our weekly Monday night “Introduction to Judaism” class.

Talmud Torah K’neged Kulam—our Sages teach us that the teaching of Torah takes precedence over all other mitzvot (commandments), because study leads to knowledge, and knowledge leads to greater commitment in thought and in action to society, to the Jewish people, and to God.  We try to accomplish that lofty goal each day, each week here at Belsize Square Synagogue.