The Board of Deputies Jewish Manifesto for 2024

June 24th, 2024


The Board of Deputies Jewish Manifesto for 2024 has just been launched and can be viewed at:

Its 32 pages outline a wide range of issues for politicians to consider, which affect the Jewish community. These include specific issues which specifically affect Jews, including antisemitism and Israel, as well as issues which affect the wider country, including Jews.

The Manifesto itself starts with the #TenCommitments, a summary of Jewish interests and concerns. The document invites politicians to share their support for the Manifesto online.

While there is no single ‘Jewish view’, and the snap election has led to a rapid turnaround of the Manifesto, the Board are grateful for the significant input from Deputies (both via direct communication as well as through the input sessions which were run) as well as from a wide range of Jewish communal stakeholders. As always, the Board has sought to represent as much of a consensus as possible.

The Board’s President, Phil Rosenberg, has described how this manifesto has “unmistakeably been forged in the Shadow of October 7.

“The significantly expanded section on antisemitism, and the clarion call to secure the release of the hostages held by Hamas in Gaza, demonstrate the particular anxiety that our community feels at this time.

“At the same time, many of the issues covered are ones that are felt across society, from the cost-of-living crisis, to housing, to health and social care; each discussing the unique challenges that the Jewish community experiences in these sectors.

“The 2024 Jewish Manifesto acknowledges that our community and society at large are at an inflection point in terms of extremism and polarisation. However, it looks forward to the optimistic alliance we need to build with our friends and neighbours – of all faiths and none – if we are to fight hatred and extremism and build a cohesive society that does not import conflict, but exports peace instead”.

“That must be the mission of whoever forms the next Government, and it will certainly be our mission at the Board of Deputies as well”.